Influence of baseboard height on wind force of scaffolds at building edge [dataset]

Katsutoshi Ohdo Hiroki Takahashi
When scaffolds are installed in construction sites, their resistance against wind force needs to be calculated. Japanese design guidelines require a specific scaffold resistance against wind force, but such rules and regulations are applicable solely to old-style scaffolds. A number of risks are inherent in the existing guidelines. First, new-style scaffolds are used in construction sites without practitioners knowing whether the design guidelines are appropriate for modern building components.
more » ... Second, scaffolds are set near buildings, but workers are unaware of the effect of the wind force at the building edge. Finally, conventional designs feature the use of baseboards as scaffold components. While considering the aforementioned issues, a wind tunnel test was carried out as part of this study to examine the wind force exerted on scaffolds erected near a building edge. The parameters used in the test were baseboard height and the distance from the building edge. From the results, when the distances between the building
doi:10.14455/isec.res.2017.45 fatcat:r5iamqxoe5c2dodh7ucuvu2rie