Experimental and Analytical Study on the KT-joints of the All-welded Steel Truss Bridge

Shun-Yao CAI, Wei-Zhen CHEN, Yang ZHAO
2014 Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Mechanics and Civil Engineering   unpublished
In order to fully understand the anti-fatigue performance of KT-joints in the all-welded steel truss of Haihe Grand Bridge in Tianjing, two experiment--one fatigue test using a full-scaled KT-joint and the other fatigue test using two groups of T-components (a total of 8 components) cut out from the joints--and the finite element analysis were carried out. As revealed in the test result, the critical welds of the joint, under the design load or 5 million cycles of load, does not display fatigue
more » ... not display fatigue failure; for the T-type components, after both Group A and Group B are subjected to 5 million cycles and 6 million cycles of load, respectively, only one component in Group A displays fatigue failure. The experiments are then well simulated by the finite element analysis. As verified by the experiments and the FE analysis, the KT-joints of the real bridges have adequate fatigue resistance, provided that the welding quality is rigorously controlled.
doi:10.2991/icmce-14.2014.182 fatcat:dx6qhnnuevhlnae5zrvd3bbbha