Survey on Neural Networks Used for Medical Image Processing

Zhenghao Shi, Lifeng He, Kenji Suzuki, Tsuyoshi Nakamura, Hidenori Itoh
2009 International Journal of Computational Science  
This paper aims to present a review of neural networks used in medical image processing. We classify neural networks by its processing goals and the nature of medical images. Main contributions, advantages, and drawbacks of the methods are mentioned in the paper. Problematic issues of neural network application for medical image processing and an outlook for the future research are also discussed. By this survey, we try to answer the following two important questions: (1) What are the major
more » ... ications of neural networks in medical image processing now and in the nearby future? (2) What are the major strengths and weakness of applying neural networks for solving medical image processing tasks? We believe that this would be very helpful researchers who are involved in medical image processing with neural network techniques.
pmid:26740861 pmcid:PMC4699299 fatcat:4scj7gtidva73k3xzls346punq