An Annular Plate Model in Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian Description for the DLR FlexibleBodies Library

Andreas Heckmann, Stefan Hartweg, Ingo Kaiser
2011 Proceedings from the 8th International Modelica Conference, Technical Univeristy, Dresden, Germany   unpublished
The bending deformation of rotating annular plates and the associated vibration behaviour is important in engineering applications which range from automotive or railway brake systems to discs that form essential components in turbomachinery. In order to extend the capabilities of the DLR FlexibleBodies library for such use cases, a new Modelica class has been implemented which is based on the analytical description of an annular Kirchhoff plate. In addition the so-called Arbitray
more » ... itray Langrangian-Eulerian (ALE) representation has been adopted so that rotating and non-rotating external loads may be applied conventiently to rotating plates. Besides these particularities the new class An-nularPlate completely corresponds to the concept of FlexibleBodies library with the two already available model classes Beam and ModalBody. This paper gives an overview on the theoretical background of the new class AnnularPlate, explains the usage and presents application examples.
doi:10.3384/ecp11063121 fatcat:gh2e6i7dezdfhkikwawwu6t2pa