Indigenous Knowledge Production [book]

Marcus Woolombi Waters
2018 unpublished
Despite many scholars noting the interdisciplinary approach of Aboriginal knowledge production as a methodology within a broad range of subjectsincluding quantum mathematics, biodiversity, sociology and the humanitiesthe academic study of Indigenous knowledge and people is struggling to become interdisciplinary in its approach and move beyond its current label of 'Indigenous Studies'. Indigenous Knowledge Production specifically demonstrates the use of autobiographical ethnicity as a
more » ... cal approach, where the writer draws on lived experience and ethnic background towards creative and academic writing. Indeed, in this insightful volume, Marcus Woolombi Waters investigates the historical connection and continuity that have led to the present state of hostility witnessed in race relations around the world, seeking to further understanding of the motives and methods that have led to a rise in white supremacy associated with ultra-conservatism. Above all, Indigenous Knowledge Production aims to deconstruct the cultural lens applied within the West which denies the true reflection of Aboriginal and Black consciousness, and leads to the open hostility witnessed across the world. This monograph will appeal to undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as postdoctoral researchers, interested in fields such as Sociology of Knowledge, Anthropology, Cultural Studies, Ethnography and Methodology. Contents Biiba-ga guwaa-lda-ndaay (A note from the author ...) vi Biiyaal (Preface ...) viii 1 Yammaa gamilaroi winnunguldah (Introducing autobiographical ethnicity ...) 2 Gamil bida-wii (Before the beginning ...) 1 3 Ngamilma-li-ayla-y (Background to the study ...) 3 4 Guwiinbaa-gi ngamuulah biibabiiba (Moving towards the book ...) 4 5 Nguwa ... ngay dhubaanma-li gay (Here ... I'll tell you a story ...) 6 6 Nhuubala winanga-y-baa (A new hypothetical space ...) 8 7 Burranba-li ngay guyungan-dhu ali-y (The fluidity of my identity ...) 8 Wiringin-dhiiral (An Indigenous academy ...) 9 Minya burrul burranba-li mubirr (What inspired the writing ...) Waaran (Conclusion ...) Waaran garaay (Final word ...) References Index Biiyaal (Preface ...) ix
doi:10.4324/9781315437811 fatcat:izikjldtqve4dhuchjcpqqcdq4