Random cubic planar graphs converge to the Brownian sphere [article]

Marie Albenque, Éric Fusy, Thomas Lehéricy
2022 arXiv   pre-print
In this paper, the scaling limit of random connected cubic planar graphs (respectively multigraphs) is shown to be the Brownian sphere. The proof consists in essentially two main steps. First, thanks to the known decomposition of cubic planar graphs into their 3-connected components, the metric structure of a random cubic planar graph is shown to be well approximated by its unique 3-connected component of linear size, with modified distances. Then, Whitney's theorem ensures that a 3-connected
more » ... bic planar graph is the dual of a simple triangulation, for which it is known that the scaling limit is the Brownian sphere. Curien and Le Gall have recently developed a framework to study the modification of distances in general triangulations and in their dual. By extending this framework to simple triangulations, it is shown that 3-connected cubic planar graphs with modified distances converge jointly with their dual triangulation to the Brownian sphere.
arXiv:2203.17245v2 fatcat:qu46kxkljjaytg5hayrof2nhda