Towards an efficient and robust numerical strategy for fast aerodynamic performance prediction on launch vehicles

Pierre-Elie WEISS, Sebastien DECK
The present work aims at increasing the responsiveness of aerodynamic coefficient predictions for the investigation of the effects of technological details. Starting from a simplified configuration and using Zonal Immersed Boundary Conditions which combine the local use of both a modelling method (e.g. RANS, URANS, ZDES, LES or DNS) and IBC (Immersed Boundary Conditions), realistic configurations are rapidly turned into feasible numerical simulations. In this paper, the efficiency and the
more » ... ness of the methodology is demonstrated using a simplified Ariane 5 configuration discretized with a body-fitted approach. Then, the effect of additional protrusions on the flow is mimicked thanks to Zonal Immersed Boundary Conditions allowing to simulate a complete Ariane 5 space launcher configuration along with the sting holding the model. The unsteady side-loads are compared with the available experimental data.
doi:10.13009/eucass2017-496 fatcat:w5szunaus5gnzpvh4yzpgtbaea