Near Real Time Quality Control and validation of Sea Level in-situ data within MyOcean [book]

Begoña Perez, Marta De Alfonso Alonso-Muñoyerro, Vibeke Huess, Lesley Rickards
This report describes the recommendations for near real time quality control (QC) and validation of sea level in situ observations within the MyOcean project, to be applied in V1. These will be based on the QC procedures and flagging system suggested by the Global Sea Level Observing System (GLOSS) in a report compiled in 2009 as an adaption of the ESEAS Data Quality Manual. The reason for this MyOcean recommendation to follow the GLOSS QC system is explained below together with the suggested QC procedures and flagging system.
doi:10.13155/74307 fatcat:xq5e4vged5hs3h55ei7hfqh25u