Desynapsis in Zinnia haegeana L

Swarnjit Singh, P. K. Gupta
A cytogenetic study in the genus Zinnia belonging to Compositae is currently under way in this laboratory and as many as 10 species were available for such a study. Of the available species of Zinnia, Z. haegeana is a species grown through out the world for its ornamental value. During the study of meiosis in two plants of this species, desynapsis was very conspicuous in one plant. The details of meiosis in the normal and desynaptic plant are communicated in this paper. Material and methods
more » ... ial and methods Seeds of Z. haegeana along with other species were obtained from Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, England, and were sown in an experimental plot at Meerut Uni versity. Two plants of Z. haegeana were obtained. The heads from both the plants for the study of microsporogenesis were collected at appropriate stages and simple acetocarmine squash method was adopted. Studies on the pollen fertility were made by staining the pollen grains with acetocarmine.
doi:10.1508/cytologia.46.63 fatcat:ncbjzafklfguxfpid5v2ggqtrq