An IslAmIc BoArdIng school: A study of Al-mubarok Al-Islam Within The social changes of seberang Kota Jambi 1

Edy Kusnadi, Kadir Sobur, Arfan Aziz, Iain Sulthan, Thaha Saifuddin, Jambi
2017 ADDIN   unpublished
This research was conducted to search the meaning of traditional Islamic boarding schools in Seberang Kota Jambi as an existence legacy of religious traditional institutions in Jambi Malay modern world. The boarding school were slow adapt the modern developments and considered as an educational institution "conservative" who only teach "sky" science by forgetting his footing on the earth. The author tries to conduct a research to determine how the response of a salafiyah Islamic boarding school
more » ... named al-Mubarok al-Islam toward social change, and how its success. Through a field research and descriptive qualitative method, data were collected through observation, interviews and documentation. The results of research include: First, al-Mubarok al-Islam salafiyah Islamic boarding schools has been growing and has a formal structure that can accommodate all aspects of the pesantren.