Wide magnetic field range of Ni-P/PZT/Ni-P cylindrical layered magnetoelectric composites

D. A. Pan, J. Wang, Z. J. Zuo, S. G. Zhang, L. J. Qiao, A. A. Volinsky
2014 Applied Physics Letters  
The Ni-P/PZT/Ni-P cylindrical layered magnetoelectric (ME) composites were prepared by electroless deposition. The Ni-P layer has an amorphous nanocrystalline structure. The ME effect in the axial mode of the Ni-P/PZT/Ni-P cylindrical layered composites is similar to that of Ni/PZT/Ni. The Ni-P/PZT/Ni-P composite has lower bias magnetic field of 120 Oe to induce a maximum a E,A and 0.5 kOe to generate a E,A linear increase at the resonance frequency, which may be related to the high
more » ... he high permeability of the Ni-P layer. This discovery contributes to the ME devices miniaturization and expands the magnetic field detection range at both low and high magnetic fields. V C 2014 AIP Publishing LLC. [http://dx.
doi:10.1063/1.4868415 fatcat:7ez52v45cfdqtjd3ktwpc4i6gu