): (159-181) The Role oF Consumer Personality Traits … Intl

J Intl, Humanities
2015 J. Humanities   unpublished
The different brand personality has a vital and important role in the success of a brand and customers with different personalities prefer brands which have a proportionate and consistent personality with their personality. The fitness and alignment of the consumer personality and brand personality will lead to brand loyalty. Therefore, the present study is aimed to assess the relationship between consumer personality traits, brand personality and brand loyalty. This is a descriptive survey
more » ... y and a questionnaire is used to collect the data. Analysis of the results indicates the validity and reliability of the used questionnaire. The population of the present study consists of the consumers of the mobile phones in Tehran. For data analysis, the SPSS and LISREL software packages are used .Research findings showed that the consumers' personality traits have significant effect on the brand personality; brand personality has significant effect on the brand loyalty, and ultimately consumers' personality traits have significant effect on the brand loyalty in the mobile phone industry. In other words, all of the hypotheses are confirmed.