Communication amongst Dentists, Patients, and Parents-A Triad

Armanpreet Kaur
W hile pediatric dentists have been recognized to treat children in dental procedures, there are many implications in communication between the patient, parent, and professional. Many children have a chronic fear of visiting the dentist, which results in excessive aggravation in the chair. Maintaining open communication with the child and parent is necessary to ensure the best treatment and avoid referrals. This review focuses on aspects that can create a link between communication barriers and
more » ... why children have fear in dentistry. Though, there is a lack of elaborative methods to solve the problem. Research shows that children are able to locate and express their pain, but the source of fear seems to come from the lack of understanding procedures or outcomes and parental influence. Increasing health literacy and open communication can potentially alleviate fear and anxiety in pediatric dentistry patients.