Internet-Meme As A Polymodal Media-Object: The Basics Of Linguosemiotic Typology

Tatiana Marchenko
2020 unpublished
The article deals with the bases of linguistic and semiotic typology of internet-meme. The authors assume that interpretation of modern media space as a form of culture in human consciousness is structurally possible from the perspective of center-periphery relations. The core of the structure comprises the phenomena relevant and conditionally universal for the majority of the members of the linguistic and cultural community. The dual nature of interaction between the center and the periphery
more » ... and the periphery mediates the actualization and perception of polymodal media objects. Typologization of Internet memes requires taking into account the most relevant criteria reflecting the content-formal and communicative-pragmatic originality of the media phenomenon under study. The authors suggest that the semiotic status of the Internet-meme is based on the variability of mono-and polymodal actualization of the phenomenon in media communications. Special attention is paid to the description of the pragmatically universal nature of polymodal media objects or individual elements of code/codes makes it possible to use them as an interpretive element within any vector of interpretation of this or that object of real reality, relying on the interpreter's intention and a generalized understanding of the sociocultural competence of the potential recipient. Variability of semiotic codes in the Internet-meme is mediated by different format of their convergence, the degree of potentially realizable intertextuality and the possibility of fixing the meme itself or one / more elements of its code / codes as a precedent phenomenon.
doi:10.15405/epsbs.2020.10.05.281 fatcat:tmxixdjs25b55iwcwhfi2z7py4