Restriction of Constitutional Rights and Freedoms by the Law of the Constituent Entitity of the Russian Federation when Regulating the Sale of Non-Alcoholic Tonic Drinks

E. N. Doroshenko
A common practice of imposing various prohibitions and rules in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, owing to the need to solve acute social problems and achieve constitutionally significant goals, draws attention to the problem of restricting by the law of the constituent entity of the Russian Federation fundamental rights and freedoms of the man and citizen. Using the regulation of retail sale of non-alcoholic toning drinks as a case-study, the paper discusses the relevant
more » ... s the relevant legislative work, court practice, conditions and content of imposed restrictions. The laws of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation provide for prohibitions imposed on the sale of non-alcoholic tonic drinks to minors, retail trade in educational and medical organizations, as well as in places holding activities with the participation of young people and the consumption of such drinks by minors in public places. Attempts have been made to adopt a federal law with similar content, but taking into account the negative attitude of the Government of the Russian Federation and arguments concerning the absence of unambiguous scientific data with regard to the harm caused by "energy" drinks, the State Duma rejected four draft laws. The regional laws' analysis is carried out in the context of delineation of jurisdictions and powers between federal bodies of state power, sectoral legislative regulation and provisions consolidated in Part 3 Article 55 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation. Restrictions on the sale of "energy" drinks are considered within the framework of the content of the legislation regulating the protection of rights of the child, civil legislation and other legal acts, as well as legal stances of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation. The paper has revealed uncertainty in the interpretation of the constitutional provision restricting human rights and freedoms by the federal law, which leads to contradictions in court practice.
doi:10.17803/1729-5920.2020.169.12.033-041 fatcat:hhsy57axhzd7pfntzt7a2u4kwq