The transformation of equation of the characteristic curves to widen the working area of the hall effect sensor

D Darmawan, F Rahmawati, Suprayogi, A Suhendi
2017 Journal of Physics, Conference Series  
The ability of a measuring instrument is determined by the characteristics of the sensor used. One of the important characteristics of a sensor is its area of work. The working area of a sensor is determined by a linear relationship between the physical quantities to be measured with the actual measured physical quantity. A narrow sensor working area will limit the use of the instruments. Transformation equation of sensor characteristic curve is expected to widen the working area of this
more » ... area of this sensor. In this study, the magnitude of a magnetic field is used as an example of the physical quantity to be measured. Hall Effect sensors are used as sensing elements and the transformation equation performed on the sensor characteristic curve. Hall Effect sensor which is used as the object of widening the area of work is UGN3503UA while the reference sensor is A1302UA. The result of this equation transformation is embedded inside a micro-controller. The interpolation value of the magnetic field, as the result of the characteristic curve transformation, which compared to the actual value of the magnetic field provides an average relative error of measurement results of 3.83 %.
doi:10.1088/1742-6596/853/1/012018 fatcat:6u3jayq5vfb4lewjcnah4zskgm