Influence of Inclined Magnetic Field on Carreau Nanoliquid Thin Film Flow and Heat Transfer with Graphene Nanoparticles

Noor Saeed Khan, Taza Gul, Poom Kumam, Zahir Shah, Saeed Islam, Waris Khan, Samina Zuhra, Arif Sohail
2019 Energies  
The thermodynamics of a Carreau nanoliquid thin film embedded with graphene nanoparticles past a stretching sheet is studied in the presence of inclined magnetic field and non-uniform heat source/sink. Graphene is a new two-dimensional amphiphilic macromolecule which has great applications due to its electrical and mechanical properties. The basic constitutive equations of Carreau nanoliquid for velocity and temperature have been used. Similarity transformations are adopted to achieve the
more » ... ear coupled differential equations accompanying boundary conditions embedded with different parameters. HAM (Homotopy Analysis Method) is used to solve the transformed equations for expressions of velocity and temperature. Graphs are shown which illustrate the effects of various parameters of interest. There exists a nice agreement between the present and published results. The results are useful for the thermal conductivity and in the analysis and design of coating processes.
doi:10.3390/en12081459 fatcat:amrk6bjy7jed3jefvdpswnzel4