Determining pentaquark quantum numbers from strong decays

Thomas Mehen, Carlos Schat
2004 Physics Letters B  
Assuming that the recently observed $\Theta^+$ and $\Xi^{--}$ are members of an anti-decuplet of SU(3), decays to ground state baryons and mesons are calculated using an effective Lagrangian which incorporates chiral and SU(3) symmetry. We consider the possible quantum number assignments $J^\Pi ={1/2}^\pm,{3/2}^\pm$ and calculate ratios of partial widths. The branching ratios of exotic cascades can be used to discriminate between even and odd parity pentaquarks.
doi:10.1016/j.physletb.2004.03.039 fatcat:klujsurm6vbsvmt7tfxhf4wcve