Enabling 1,000,000-Entity Simulations on Distributed Linux Clusters

G. Wagenbreth, Ke-Thia Yao, D.M. Davis, R.F. Lucas, T.D. Gottschalk
Proceedings of the Winter Simulation Conference, 2005.  
The Information Sciences Institute and Caltech are enabling USJFCOM and the Institute for Defense Analyses to conduct entity-level simulation experiments using hundreds of distributed computer nodes on Linux Clusters as a vehicle for simulating millions of JSAF entities. Included below is the experience with the design and implementation of the code that increased scalability, thereby enabling two orders of magnitude growth and the effective use of DoD high-end computers. A typical JSAF
more » ... ypical JSAF experiment generates several terabytes of logged data, which is queried in near-real-time and for months afterward. The amount of logged data and the desired database query performance mandated the redesign of the original logger system's monolithic database, making it distributed and incorporating several advanced concepts. System procedures and practices were established to reliably execute the globalscale simulations, effectively operate the distributed computers, efficiently process and store terabytes of data, and provide straightforward access to the data by analysts.
doi:10.1109/wsc.2005.1574374 dblp:conf/wsc/WagenbrethYDLG05 fatcat:6n7lafeknvhjxkdjff7ke7soqq