Weierstraß-Institut f ¨ ur Angewandte Analysis und Stochastik Fano Regime of Transport through Open Quantum Dots

Im Forschungsverbund, Berlin Preprint, Roxana Racec, Ulrich Wulf, Paul Racec
2000 Mathematics Subject Classification. 35P25   unpublished
Fax: + 49 30 2044975 E-Mail: preprint@wias-berlin.de World Wide Web: http://www.wias-berlin.de/ We analyze a quantum dot strongly coupled to the conducting leads via quantum point contacts-Fano regime of transport-and report a variety of resonant states which demonstrate the dominance of the interacting resonances in the scattering process in a low confining potential. There are resonant states similar to the eigenstates of the isolated dot, whose widths increase with increasing the coupling
more » ... ing the coupling strength to the environment , and hybrid resonant states. The last ones are approximatively obtained as a linear combination of eigenstates with the same parity in the lateral direction, and the corresponding resonances show the phenomena of resonance trapping or level repulsion. The existence of the hybrid modes suggests that the open quantum dot behaves in the Fano regime like an artificial molecule.