The detection of meningococcal household clusters and their prophylaxis in the changing epidemiological situation of invasive meningococcal disease in Poland, 2003-2006

P Stefanoff, M Rosinska, G Karczewski, A Zielinski
2008 Eurosurveillance  
E U ROSU R V E I L L A N C E Vol . 13 · I ssu es 1-3 · J an -Ma r 20 08 · w w w. e urosurve illance. o rg 1 S u r v e i ll a n c e a n d o u t b r e a k r e p o r t s T h e
doi:10.2807/ese.13.10.08059-en fatcat:4n5kb3c35nbhjn3jf7jpjgz4oy