Mrs Minitha, V Raj, A Mahalakshmi
International Journal of Business and Administration Research Review   unpublished
In today's world India is a super power in the global economy because of the talented and educated Indian professionals. There is a drastic change in the role of men and women over the past 50 years. More women than ever before are now in the workforce reflecting, the rise in educational levels and changing societal attitudes. They undergo great amount of stress to balance their professional and personal life. Work Life Balance is the key issue bothering many corporate and employees in
more » ... ployees in Information Technology (IT) sector. Professional and personal life are the two sides of the same coin, the imbalance between these two leads to factors like stress, fatigue, poor performance, deteriorating quality of health, time management issues, lack of proper social support, elderly and childcare issues. The present study examines some of the factors affecting stress and work life balance amongst women IT professionals. The data pertaining to the study has been collected from professionals working in IT companies in Bangalore city to identify the factors leading to stress which affect the work life balance. The statistical tools namely Percentage analysis and Correlation are used for data analysis. The finding of the study reveals that there is no significant relation between age and amount of stress the women IT professionals undergo, but there is a positive relationship between the women IT professionals working late nights and suffering from stress. Also the study indicates that a significant relationship exists between organizational initiative to manage work life balance and the women professionals getting relieved from stress. A negative relationship has been found out between number of hours the respondent sleeps and if they suffer from stress. Introduction A significant change is occurring all over the world with the advent of information Technology. The IT revolution not only increases the employment opportunities and GDP of the country, but also contributes to a cultural transformation and social revolution. In the past few decades, one can witness the entry of women IT professionals in the rapidly growing software services sector. Now women take on the role of a professional in addition to their traditional work as a home maker. The Indian women, who were mostly found in a socially acceptable employment like teaching, nursing, banking etc. in the last decade, are diverted now and actively participate in the IT revolution. It has become a common phenomenon that majority of the employees, especially the knowledge workers, are working harder and longer ever before. As a consequence, they find it difficult to achieve work life balance. This new information technology profession with a good pay, night shifts, cultural and social change has brought work life imbalance among the women employees in Information Technology Industry.