Some effects of treatment of hen erythrocytes in vitro with N-methyl-N-nitrosourea

T H Ward, R F Itzhaki
1981 Journal of Cell Science  
Studies have been made of the effect of N-methyl-N-nitrosourea on hen erythrocytes in vitro. These were done to find whether the highly condensed state of the chromatin and the very low metabolic activity of these cells would affect the extent of methylation of the DNA and chromatin proteins and the persistence of any methylation sites in these macromolecules with time after treatment. Also, the effect of methylnitrosourea on incorporation of [3H] uridine into RNA has been examined. It has been
more » ... amined. It has been found that the DNA, histones and non-histone proteins are methylated. The main methylation site in DNA is 7-methylguanine and its level is higher than that found by others in the DNA of other cell types after treatment with methylnitrosourea; however, methylation of the two types of protein (especially the histones) is relatively very low. The level of methylation decreases in the DNA and the chromatin proteins with time after treatment. The amount of [3H] uridine in RNA was found to decrease after the treatment.
pmid:6172434 fatcat:rsowdttqwvcjndakekzijaowqy