Особенности звуковой среды Арбатского района г. Москвы

Андреевна Маргарита Чубукова
2015 Городские исследования и практики  
This paper presents a variety of approaches to soundscape analysis. Also it aims to introduce a methodology of acoustic environment description. The soundscape of a central Moscow district was investigated and characterised by seven binary oppositions: Character of a sound presence (dominant / secondary); Character of a sound (linguistic / non-linguistic); Source of a sound (technical / natural); "Dynamics" of a sound (dynamic / static); "Subjectness" of a sound (anthropogenic /
more » ... c / non-anthropogenic) Role of a sound in a city scenography (event / background); "Friendliness" of a sound (friendly / unfriendly). This evaluation identifi ed main sonic peculiarities and opened new research perspectives.
doi:10.17323/usp00201568-79 fatcat:zndkfrlxybfufnuqj2f2cc54iq