A Study of Hydraulic Characteristics in Front of the Seawall under the Coexistence of Wave and Wind

Kyu-Tae Shim, Kyu-Han Kim
2020 Journal of Korean Society of Coastal and Ocean Engineers  
In this study, a two-dimensional hydraulic model test was conducted to examine the hydraulic phenomena that occur around the seawall when wave and wind coexist. Based on recent seawall repair and reinforcement examples, the experimental section was constructed under the condition of installing wave dissipation blocks on the safety surface of four different representative seawalls. Water level fluctuation, reflection, overtopping and wave pressure characteristics according to external force
more » ... e were reviewed. It was confirmed that the top concrete shape of the seawall is the most important factor of the hydraulic characteristics that appear in front of the seawall, and the tendency is more pronounced when wind acts. Even in the case of vertical type seawall, when wind of 3 m/s5 m/s occurs, the amount of overtopping increases to about 5%~12%. In the case of wave pressure, it was confirmed from the experimental results that the value increased from about 1.5 to 2.2 times in front of the top of concrete block. In addition, it was confirmed that when the shape of the seawall was different, the range of change in the hydraulic characteristics appeared larger. Therefore, when designing a seawall of a new shape, a more detailed review of the hydraulic characteristics should be accompanied based on these experimental results.
doi:10.9765/kscoe.2020.32.6.575 fatcat:cyojms3vxje5nh6s73fd4mcetm