Classical Boltzmann equation and high-temperature QED

F. T. Brandt, R. B. Ferreira, J. F. Thuorst
2015 Physical Review D  
The equivalence between thermal field theory and the Boltzmann transport equation is investigated at higher orders in the context of quantum electrodynamics. We compare the contributions obtained from the collisionless transport equation with the high temperature limit of the one-loop thermal Green's function. Our approach employs the representation of the thermal Green's functions in terms of forward scattering amplitudes. The general structure of these amplitudes clearly indicates that the
more » ... sics described by the leading high temperature limit of quantum electrodynamics can be obtained from the Boltzmann transport equation. We also present some explicit examples of this interesting equivalence.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.91.045023 fatcat:wmx5wlruivbgpm5vkxcz2yadha