River Ice Data Instrumentation [report]

Roger L. Kay, Kathleen D. White
1997 unpublished
Extract: Ice processes aecqxüeof ecusingefcm-CDetoGcrps of Engneers floodocntrd, WDteracntrd, end novigciicn prqeds exh yecr. IVbnifcring of ice cndolhe physicd pcrcmstes is cbrebyinslrumerilo 1icninscmeins1cnce3 but is usudlycbnemcnudly IVBCBurenents thd" rexire pasemä to go en en ice cove: ocn be risky cr imposside cepsndng en theice cover's s1cäli1ycndtheindvicLid's trdning This stud/ seeks to identify end renk the field measurements neecbdcLringv^nteccndticns cndtheinstruTenitdicn required
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doi:10.21236/ada327882 fatcat:mncgfqf4s5bj5foifuimxxew5i