A component-based construction process control system for increasing modifiability
변경 용이성 증대를 위한 컴포넌트 기반의 건설공정관리시스템

Eui-Ryong Kim, Sin-Ryeong Kim, Young-Gon Kim
2015 The Journal of the Institute of Webcasting Internet and Telecommunication  
The construction process and safety management are an important means of the total projects for the decision-making. As an important management tool of cost, resources and risks of the project, the analysis and evaluations are recorded as an important asset of company. Also, it has become a safety device that could reduce risk factors repeatedly by the decision-making methods for the future similar projects. Component-based software, by reusing the useful part, which was prepared without newly
more » ... eveloping all that, by building a new software product, the long-term continuous/steady through the provision of a component-based software, by securing a sales base, it should be the development and supply a wide range of applications. In this paper, we propose the construction process control systems for increasing modifiability of process creation and modification for business efficiency in accordance with the diverse trends in the construction process as a low-cost niche through a component-based software supplier to solve these problems.
doi:10.7236/jiibc.2015.15.6.303 fatcat:z323vfcdcbhqngdfxfx36yw4uu