The comparison of zooplankton communites inside and outside of Dong Thanh landfills, Ho Chi Minh City

Phuc Dinh Nguyen, My Ngoc Diem Tran
2016 Science and Technology Development Journal  
Species composition and characteristic of zooplankton communities in treated leachate of Dong Thanh landfills and in Rach Tra river (receiving the wastewater of Dong Thanh landfills) were surveyed monthly from 11/2012 to 04/2013. The results from those two areas were compared to find out the difference of the zooplankton communities. 122 species of 36 genus, 10 classes, 3 phylums and 6 types of larva were identified, of which Rotatoria acounted for 52 %. The result of Cluster analysis showed
more » ... analysis showed that there was a distinct difference between the zooplankton community intreated inside the landfills and Rach Tra river. The zooplankton community inside the landfills characterized by low quantity of species but high individual density. The main species composition was Rotatoria and Protozoa with good adaptation of organic and microbiological pollution of water. On the other hand, the zooplankton community in Rach Tra river characterized by communities in natural aquatic habitat with the relative balance of zooplankton groups, diversity index and dominance index were average levels.
doi:10.32508/stdj.v19i4.711 fatcat:ezwxhfmjxrc3hnh36g22iaojum