Precision determination of heavy quark masses and the strong coupling constant

Jens Erler, Mingxing Luo
2003 Physics Letters B  
We present a new QCD sum rule with high sensitivity to the continuum regions of charm and bottom quark pair production. Combining this sum rule with existing ones yields very stable results for the MS-bar quark masses, m_c(m_c) and m_b(m_b). We introduce a phenomenological parametrization of the continuum interpolating smoothly between the pseudoscalar threshold and asymptotic quark regions. Comparison of our approach with recent BES data allows for a robust theoretical error estimate. The
more » ... etric uncertainty due to alpha_s is reduced by performing a simultaneous fit to the most precise sum rules and other high precision observables. This includes a new evaluation of the lifetime of the tau lepton, tau_tau, serving as a strong constraint on alpha_s. Our results are m_c(m_c) = 1.289 +0.040 -0.045 GeV, m_b(m_b) = 4.207 +0.030 -0.031 GeV (with a correlation of 29%), and alpha_s(M_Z) [tau_tau] = 0.1221 +0.0026 -0.0023.
doi:10.1016/s0370-2693(03)00276-4 fatcat:f3xxolocnffxto4ehppt5edmhy