Trend of Growth and Level of Nutrition in Children from 7 to 14 Years

Melis Mladineo Brničević, Bojan Babin, Marijan Tomašić, Josipa Ćaleta, Tea Tomasović
2015 Collegium Antropologicum  
The research was conducted with the aim of determining the trend of development of morphological characteristics in female and male students aged seven (7) to fourteen (14) years. The sample of examinees was drawn from the population of female and male students from first (1) to eighth (8) grade of elementary schools in Split. In total, 771 female students and 840 male students were measured. Height, weight and upper arm and dorsal skin folds were measured, and used in calculation of fat tissue
more » ... ation of fat tissue percentage. The results indicate the increase of body height and mass, what is in concordance with the secular trend. The increased percentage of fat tissue, especially in first four grades of elementary school, is a characteristic of this population, especially boys. The characteristic of this population is obesity, caused by the inadequate nutrition and lack of kinesiological activity. In later age, the trend of height growth and gaining weight continues, but the weight increase occurs due to fat tissue increase, not increase of muscle tissue.
pmid:26434005 fatcat:ndpp2as7k5bsjgyqgxwesfcedu