Political Economy in Macroeconomics [book]

2018 unpublished
This course is a continuation of the first semester: Topics in Political Economy I. The prerequisites for the course are: the first-year micro and macro sequences, and knowledge of the material covered in Economics 754. The requirements for the course are two: a class presentation (25% of final grade); and a take-home final exam (75% of final grade). In this course, we continue our study of both methods and applications of political economy models via investigation of various topics with
more » ... topics with emphasis on asymmetric information, income redistribution and fairness, legislative and electoral systems. The objectives of the course are: first, to broaden students' familiarity with areas of research in the field; and, second, to strengthen their ability to analyze political-economic phenomenon and to build models in order to prepare them to do research of their own. Texts:
doi:10.2307/j.ctv346rwp fatcat:rfelz5wstnguza73dj6lvjugtu