In vivo study of cadmium-induced chromsomal changes in somatic and germinal tissue of C57BI/6J male mice [report]

T.L. Felten
1978 unpublished
approved: Redacted for privacy James C. Hampton For the first time the in vivo mutagenic potential of cadmium chloride was evaluated by chromosomal examination of both bone marrow cells and spermatocytes of C57B1/6J mice. An acute exposure to cadmium was administered in a single subcutaneous injection. The doses were 0.0252, 0.0126, 0.0055 and 0.0000 mmoles cadmium/kg body weight followed by sacrifice at 6, 24, and 48 hours. Mice were also given a subacute exposure with the same doses split
more » ... ame doses split into five injections which were administered at 24 hour intervals. Animals were sacrificed 6 hours after the last injection. Bone marrow cells from mice receiving an acute and split dose subacute exposure were examined for chromosomal damage by scoring 50 metaphase plates. To assess the mutagenic potential of cadmium through a complete cycle of spermatogenesis and to examine the extended exposure response of bone marrow cells, an experiment An in vivo Study of Cadmium-induced Chromosomal
doi:10.2172/6590704 fatcat:bl4nlq3gszbrbczumuyvid4oii