Modernization of agricultural enterprises is a necessary condition for the transition to organic food production

Anton Stelmashchuk
2019 Ìnnovacìjna ekonomìka  
Purpose. The aim of the article is substantiation of theoretical principles of modernization of agrarian enterprises and practical aspects of technological renewal of agricultural production as a necessary condition for the transition of the enterprise to the production of organic food. Methodology of research. The theoretical and methodological basis of the study is the work of domestic and foreign scientists on the modernization of society and individual economic entities. The methods of
more » ... The methods of analysis (in the breakdown of the object of study into separate important components and their detail) and synthesis (to summarize various aspects of technological updating of processes of agricultural production and modernization of agricultural enterprises) are used during the research. Findings. The essence of the concept of "modernization" is substantiated, the genesis of its development is characterized, the main characteristic features of the process of transformation of traditional (pre-technological), society as it is transformed into a society with highly differentiated social and economic structures are described. The characteristic features of enterprise modernization are distinguished and its types are classified by classification features. On the basis of the analysis carried out the own definition of the concept of "modernization of the enterprise" is formed. It has been proved that improving the economic condition of the rural population is possible through the development of the organic sector in the country. Originality. The author's interpretation of the concept of "enterprise modernization" as a process of its transition to new technologies, updating of machines, machinery and equipment related to the introduction of scientific and technological achievements in the field of organic food production in order to optimize production processes at the enterprise and production of innovative products is substantiated a component that enables it to compete successfully in both domestic and foreign markets. Practical value. It is revealed that Ukraine has great potential both from the ecological and economic point of view to increase the area under organic agriculture. Fertile soils and large lands create favourable conditions for the transition to organic production, which in turn provides significant benefits for economic growth, environmental protection, quality and safety of food for human health, prevention of climate change and social justice. Key words: agricultural enterprise; technological renewal; modernization; organic food; human health; economic growth.
doi:10.37332/2309-1533.2019.7-8.6 fatcat:6un3h2irlrehvnsurs5vod5lqu