E2-Capsule Neural Networks for Facial Expression Recognition Using AU-Aware

Shan Cao, Yuqian Yao, Gaoyun An
2020 IET Image Processing  
Capsule neural network is a new and popular technique in deep learning. However, the traditional capsule neural network does not extract features sufficiently before the dynamic routing between capsules. In this study, one double enhanced capsule neural network (E2-Capsnet) that uses AU-aware attention for facial expression recognition (FER) is proposed. The E2-Capsnet takes advantage of dynamic routing between capsules and has two enhancement modules which are beneficial to FER. The first
more » ... cement module is the convolutional neural network with AU-aware attention, which can focus on the active areas of the expression. The second enhancement module is the capsule neural network with multiple convolutional layers, which enhances the ability of the feature representation. Finally, the squashing function is used to classify the facial expression. The authors demonstrate the effectiveness of E2-Capsnet on the two public benchmark datasets, RAF-DB and EmotioNet. The experimental results show that their E2-Capsnet is superior to the state-of-the-art methods. The code is available at https:// github.com/ShanCao18/E2-Capsnet.
doi:10.1049/iet-ipr.2020.0063 fatcat:xjjycm6yuvbxpndndzceiz55ne