Lescale's Automatic Fire Escape

1878 Scientific American  
SEPTEMBER I4, I878.] $titutific �tutricau. LESCALE'S AUTOMATIC FIRE ESCAPE. lever, which is operated to cause the latter to clamp the I Mr. John Q. Adams, of Brooklyn, N. Y., has patented an Among the things most required in th('se days of tall leather tightly against the body of the shoe horn. improved Waste Pipe Valve. The object of this invention buildings and narrow places of entrance and exit, are means Mr. George J. Record, of Conneaut, Ohio, has patented an . is to furnish an improved
more » ... nish an improved means for preventing sewer gas of escape in case of fire for those who occupy the upper improved Cover for Butter Packages and other vessels. This I I from passing into the room through the waste pipes of wash· apartments. Apparatus for this purpose should be compact, invention consists in a cover formed of the two parts, hav· basins, bath tubs, privy basins, etc. portahle, and yet strong and reliable. To embody these ing their adjacent or straight edges rounded or beveled, and Mr. Louis S. Flatau, of Pittsburg, Texas, has patented an qualities in a single device has been the aim of Mr. John M. the lever attached to the one part and overlapping the other I improved Harne Fastening, which is easily attachable to the Lescale, whose tire escape is shown in the accompanying part, whether the said lever be made narrow, in the form of I hames and not liable to be detached by accident. The inengraving. a bar, or wide, in the form of a circle. venti on consists in the combination, with the slotted metal- The iron frame, A, which supports the several parts of the Mr. Samuel P. Groocock, of New York city, has patented, lic hame straps, of a double recessed lever hook of peculiar machine iR secured in a washstand or some other suitable an improved Clamp for Gluing Parquetry. This invention I construction. piece of furniture, which is placed upon casters, and made relates to the manufact ure of sections of tessellated wood Mr. Richard D. Ryerson, of Clinton, Me., has patented an of sufficient weight and strength to suit the purpose. A prove the construction of trunks in such a way that the tray can ue swung out to give convenient access to the in terior of the trunk body with the greatest ease, even when filled, and without changing it from a level, and without dis turbing its contents in the least. Mr. Jacob M. Baum, of Selin's Grove, Pa., has patented an improved Tobacco Pipe, which consists of a cover or lid being attached to the rim of the pipe by a rear and froDt hook entering a rear socket hole and front groove below the rim. The lid is perforated, and has a central top slot, with hinged inner friction plate and outer auxiliary lid. Mr. Daniel Fisher, of Cairo, Pa., is the inventor of an im proved Fishway, which consists in a trunk or chute pro vided with dams or ledges, placed alternately at the sides of the chute, to check the current and form a sinuous passage for the water, whereby a channel is made for the fish to pass up or down; and the shape of the ledges is such that a wider channel is allowed in proportion to the depth of water.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican09141878-169 fatcat:t7454lftkrfo3o2hfniasv5clm