[Type text] [Type text] [Type text] Game analysis and research on school education wushu inheritance system under cultural power target

Chengtang Xu
2014 unpublished
Since China has entered into modernization construction, due to emphasis has been put on developing economy, it caused Chinese traditional Wushu culture to being ignored, in order to protect Chinese cultural property, the paper firstly finds out main inheritance system of each kind of factors when considering during inheriting traditional Wushu culture by establishing analytic hierarchy process model. Then according to game analysis and evolved game analysis, it solves government, school, folk
more » ... ment, school, folk and media companies' best strategy in traditional Wushu cultural inheritance problem should be government positive supports school and gym inheritance on Wushu, speed up folk inheritance normalization, and control media companies to let them to make contributions to inherit traditional Wushu culture.