Otonomi dan Desentralisasi Berteraskan Ilmu dan Wahyu

Husain Haikal
2016 Keuangan Islam dan Peran Kesejahteraan  
Entering the thirdndllenium, the Indonesian government is carrying outau tonomy and decentralization programs. The aimofthese sudden programsis creating more realistic andjust situation. However, thesituations are getting worse as ethniccleansing, misused ofpower, and separatist movements are becoming daily realities. This is due to thefact that since thefifties theIndo nesian central government gradually pays little attention to the educationand health programs. Moreover, the central
more » ... e central government has no serious attempts to create thereal middle classandprivatesectorsin addition to carrying the rule of the law. Through this limited available space, this article tries to highlight thefirst corefor the succes^l autonomy and decentralization by providing good education, based uponscienceand revelation, for the Indone sians as a whole, especiallyfor the young generation.
doi:10.20885/millah.voli.iss1.art2 fatcat:e7tgprxud5cfrednnuikw5dooi