Wind power and competitiveness: a Bibliometric Analysis

Rogério Santos Marques, Luís Oscar Silva Martins, Fábio Matos Fernandes, Marcelo Santana Silva, Francisco Gaudêncio Mendonça Freires
2020 Informação & Sociedade: Estudos  
In the last few decades, the relationship between energy production through fossil fuels and climate change has been widely discussed, which has led to a significant increase in studies on new forms of energy generation, using clean and renewable sources. Among these sources, wind power is considered as one of the most promising, since it has exponential growth, economicity and guarantee of continuous supply. Despite this, given that fossil sources are already consolidated, both in economic
more » ... oth in economic terms and in technical knowledge terms, it is necessary to know the competitiveness factors that can be characterized as potentialities or restrictions for the full development of the wind source. In order to know these aspects, the central objective of this research was to analyze the evolution path of the studies related to the competitiveness factors pertinent to wind energy, using bibliometric analysis so that future research directions can be identified. The results showed that studies on wind power and competitiveness have gained prominence since 2006, remaining constant until the current period. It was also found, through analysis by keywords and qualitative assessment of publications, that these surveys were classified into nine aspects related to competitiveness: Economic Analysis, Competition, Technology, Operational Costs, Regulation/Government, Environmental Impacts, Competitiveness, Market and Hybrid Generation, thereby providing guidance for future investigations. Keywords: Wind Energy. Competitiveness. Renewable Energy. Bibliometric Analysis.
doi:10.22478/ufpb.1809-4783.2020v30n2.52282 fatcat:ft567w76gzbe7g7mb7pclgsbv4