New Bulgarian Publications on Ancient History and Archaeology

Maya Vassileva
2007 Ancient Civilizations from Scythia to Siberia  
Th is is by no means an exhaustive review of all recent Bulgarian publications in the field. However, an attempt is made at a representative selection. Th e chronological range is approximately set between the (Late) Bronze Age and Late Antiquity. Th e grouping of the titles is both according to subject and (more or less) in chronological order. During the last few years several publications of quite recent discoveries appeared, as well as some awaited studies on monuments and sites known for a
more » ... d sites known for a long time. K. Kisyov, Trakiya i Gurtsiya v drevnostta. Mogilni grobnitsi ot klassicheskata epokha v obshtina Kaloyanovo -Th race and Greece in Ancient Times. Classical Age Tumuli in the Municipality of Kaloyanovo. Plovdiv, Avtospektar, 2005, 181 pages. Hardcover. ISBN 954-8932-35-0. Th is is a welcome prompt publication of excavation results. Five Th racian tumuli in the Upper Maritsa valley (municipality of Kaloyanovo, near Plovdiv) were investigated in 2000-2003 following intense looters activity. Th ey were part of the large Duvanliy necropolis studied by B. Filov in the 30s of the twentieth century and are dated to the 5 th -early 4 th century BC. Th ree sarcophagus-like stone-built tombs were unearthed, furnishing the earliest example of painted decoration in Th racian sepulchral architecture. Tumulus No. 1 contained the bones of a 20-25-year old man accompanied by rich grave goods. A large gold pectoral, silver skyphos, strainer and spoon, a bronze hydria, a basin and a breast-plate in addition to an Attic red figured hydria and a lekythos, were placed in the chamber. In the other more humble graves traces of wooden coffins were found. A number of the objects found in the ACSS 13,3-4_f6_241-256.indd 241 ACSS 13,3-4_f6_241-256.indd 241
doi:10.1163/092907707x255782 fatcat:5ja664lonjfj3kmovtfefbkeeu