Socio-Economic Status Of Collegiate Basketball And Volleyball Players

Durgesh Kunte, Loknaik Bapuji, Ane Mahavidyalaya, Yavatmal
2016 unpublished
The aim of the study was to find out the Socioeconomic difference of Inter-Collegiate Basketball and Volleyball Players. For this present study, 50 Basketball and 50 Volleyball players were randomly selected as a subject for the present study. The socioeconomic status scale by Kapoor and Kocher (1994) was used to comprised Basketball And Volleyball Players, t-ratios has been used to compare the significantly socioeconomic status difference between Basketball And Volleyball Players at collegiate
more » ... ayers at collegiate level of Amravati Socioeconomic status difference were found between Basketball and Volleyball players (t = P<.05), where Volleyball players having got socioeconomic status. While analysis the difference of high SES of Basketball And Volleyball Players, significant high SES differences were found (t=P<.05), where the Basketball players was found to have less score on high SES. Mean while, middle SES was concerned, significant Middle SES difference were found (t=,P<.05), where Volleyball players have high score on middle SES. So, for low SES was concerned, significant low SES differences was found to the Basketball and Volleyball Players (t=P<.05), where Basketball players have high score on low SES.