HDAC3 acts as a negative regulator of angiogenesis

Deokbum Park, Hyunmi Park, Youngmi Kim, Hyuna Kim, Dooil Jeoung
2014 BMB Reports  
Histone deacetylase-3 (HDAC3) is involved in cellular proliferation, apoptosis and transcriptional repression. However, the role of HDAC3 in angiogenesis remains unknown. HDAC3 negatively regulated the expression of angiogenic factors, such as VEGF and plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 (PAI-1). HDAC3 showed binding to promoter sequences of PAI-1. HDAC3 activity was necessary for the expression regulation of PAI-1 by HDAC3. VEGF decreased the expression of HDAC3, and the down-regulation of HDAC3
more » ... enhanced endothelial cell tube formation. HDAC3 negatively regulated tumor-induced angiogenic potential. We show the novel role of HDAC3 as a negative regulator of angiogenesis. [BMB Reports 2014; 47(4): 227-232]
doi:10.5483/bmbrep.2014.47.4.128 pmid:24286308 pmcid:PMC4163891 fatcat:2fk35e6l2rdu3oilulxlmiaowm