LOFA: Software for Individualized Localization of Functional MRI Activity

Didem Gökçay, Cécile M. Mohr, Bruce Crosson, Christiana M. Leonard, Julie A. Bobholz
1999 NeuroImage  
Although PET, SPECT, and fMRI studies have led to significant advances in functional mapping of the human brain, precise localization and quantification of activity in individual brains require additional procedures. Difficulties to be addressed by a localization strategy are: resolution of individual anatomic differences, differentiation of functional activity in closely juxtaposed brain regions, and management of multiple intricately shaped 3D anatomic structures. In this paper, we describe a
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doi:10.1006/nimg.1999.0511 pmid:10600420 fatcat:afccfuwicfftpb373wldbuvgs4