1896 Journal of the American Medical Association  
There are still many dark chapters in pathology and clinical medicine. To one of these belongs the subject of this paper. It can only be illuminated by calling the attention of the profession to the clinical features of these obscure cases and bringing to light the experience of the profession, which lies hidden in the literature and the note books. This paper tries to accomplish these two things and leaves for the fortunate pathologists the task of demonstrating the pathologic lesions of what
more » ... ic lesions of what seems to be a clinical entity. Renal hematuria is to be distinguished from hemoglobinuria by the presence of blood corpuscles in the urine coming from the kidney in the place of urine stained with the coloring matters of blood. The case here recorded and the collection of those relatively similar from recent medical literature seem to point to an unknown condition, or series of condi-
doi:10.1001/jama.1896.02430900034002h fatcat:6wasfarwlvbhzakas3wshi2czm