Line Shifts in the First Overtone of DF Broadened by HF*

U. G. Desai, N. M. Gailar, R. J. Lovell
1971 Journal of the Optical Society of America  
The self-shifts of the lines in the fundamental of HI? from P(7) to R(8) and the line shifts in the first overtone band of DF when perturbed by HF were measured from P(7) to R(6), Pressure-induced shifts in the HF fundamental were studied at room temperature and at pressures of HF varying from 37.5 cm of Hg to 113.5 cm of H g . by Herget, but the estimated error 0.5 x 10 The shifts agreed with those observed -4 cm-'/cm Hg for the present study was about one-third of that of Herget. ranged from
more » ... erget. ranged from 5.48 cm of Hg to 22 cm of Hg, and total pressure of mixed The partial pressures of DF gabes ranged from 36.12 cm of Hg to 121.8 cm of Hg. ference and sample cells were llO°C, 12OoC, 15OoC, and 134 C. Temperatures of re-0 The shifts oscillate with a period of one in J and with increasing amplitude in the wings from R(1) to R(6) and P ( 3 ) to P ( 7 ) . The direction of the shifts is tha same as that found for the DC1-HC1 system and is opposite to that predicted by the simple near-resonant dipole theory. The magnitude of the shifts in the present study are considerably larger than those found from the DC1-HC1 study.
doi:10.1364/josa.61.000573 fatcat:lhv65iew7rephhfz6ndboqwl3e