Expression of the antibody 14D9 in Nicotiana tabacum hairy roots

Carolina Martínez, Silvana Petruccelli, Ana Giulietti, Alejandra María, Alvarez
2005 Electronic Journal of Biotechnology   unpublished
Abbreviations: DMSO: dimethylsulfoxide; ER: endoplasmic reticulum; FW: fresh weight; GI: growth index = (Final FW-Inicial FW)/ Initial FW; PVP: polyvinylpyrrolidone; TSP: total soluble protein. Nicotiana tabacum hairy roots that express the antibody 14D9 were established. The 14D9 antibody yield obtained after 20 days of culture was 5.95 µg 14D9ml-1. The addition of the reticulum endoplasmic retention sequence KDEL demonstrated a positive effect over the *Corresponding author intracellular 14D9
more » ... amounts with a yield increase up to 20.82 µg ml-1. DMSO increased the antibody amount in the biomass from 20.00 to 64.03 µg ml-1 while PVP (at 1.5 gl-1) and gelatine (at 5.0 gl-1) increased total 14D9 amounts in the culture medium to 25 µg and 14 µg respectively.