MEDFOOD'18 [1 st February 2018] National Conference on Phytochemicals in Medicinal Plants and Food A Combinative Evaluation Of Antioxidant Potential In Tridax procumbens and Boerhavia diffusa

A Shanmugapriya, S Maneemegalai, B Varalakshmi, T Karpagam, J Sugunabai, B Ramya, A Abinaya, S Kamali, G Praveena, C Jeyachitra, M Jeyapriya
Free radicals are substances that are capable of inducing oxidative damage to human body. This free radical reaction can be terminated effectively by the antioxidants thus reducing the risk of diseases. The present study was designed to develop safer and protective herbal combination to prove the free radical scavenging effect as a new alternative. The ethanolic extracts of Tridax procumbens leaves and Boerhavia diffusa roots individually and in combination were tested for their radical
more » ... eir radical sca-venging ability like DPPH, Hydrogen peroxide, nitric oxide and ferrous ion. The activities of the medicinal plants were compared with standard antioxidant ascorbic acid. All the free radicals were effectively scavenged by all the three plant extracts. The Combinative ethanolic extract showed maximum scavenging activity, followed by the Boerhavia diffusa extract and Tridax procumbens extract. The results of the present study showed that the com-binative plant extract exhibited synergistic radical scavenging activity thus proving its efficacy to be used in pharmacological industries.