Training graduate teaching assistants in the geosciences: Our practices vs. perceived needs

Rachel Teasdale, Katherine Ryker, Kelsey Bitting
2019 Figshare  
In response to calls for reformed teaching practices in college STEM labs and courses, and to support graduate teaching assistants (GTAs) in their general teaching responsibilities, other STEM disciplines have recently increased their focus on GTA training and preparation. However, current practices in GTA training in the geosciences and geoscience faculty values regarding GTA teaching preparation have not been documented. In this study, survey results are used to compile the roles of GTAs in
more » ... oscience departments as well as the types and extent of training in which they participate with respect to teaching professional development (PD). Responses indicate that most GTA training depends on the instructor supervising the course (57%), with more formal GTA training coming from university or departmental requirements. Survey results suggest that some barriers to implementing GTA training are similar to those found for faculty teaching PD, including time and funding, along with unsupportive departmental culture. Responses also indicate that although faculty generally rate teaching PD as important for their GTAs, those values do not correlate strongly with the amount of training their department currently provides.
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.7600076.v1 fatcat:wv7w33swjnbztpkkn6bwyfoxwi