Design of dangerous driving behavior warning system based on emotion recognition

2022 jecet  
In recent years, China's vehicle ownership has been increasing year by year, followed by more and more frequent traffic accidents. According to the statistics of traffic accidents at home and abroad, the main cause of traffic accidents is the dangerous driving behavior of drivers, which not only troubles other drivers, but also endangers the safety of pedestrians around the road. Therefore, this paper aimed at the three elements of human, vehicle and road, carried on the design of the early
more » ... ing system. The purpose of the early warning system is to improve the driver's perception ability, so that the driver can make the right decision in the face of various road conditions during driving, so as to reduce the influence of anxiety on the driver's driving behavior.
doi:10.24214/jecet.c.11.3.43239 fatcat:rgzvb2z42rcelpg2v7vviv7ani