Impact Factor (IIFS)

Ali Petiwala, Librarian
In the world of IT or if you are a Librarian, you have doubtlessly heard about the Big Data phenomenon. You might have even encountered professionals who introduced themselves as data scientists. Hence, you are wondering, just what is this emerging new area of science? What types of knowledge and problem-solving skills do data scientists have? What types of problems are solved by data scientists through Big Data tech? This paper will help user to prepare for a deeper understanding of the
more » ... nding of the important areas of Big Data and other areas of it.Big data is new to many people, so it requires some investigation and understanding. Many different people need knowledge about big data. Paper explains the basic concepts we need for a full understanding of big data, from both a layman's and a business perspective. Paper also introduce few major concepts and components so that in a way it is meaningful conversing about big data.